The Fridge - Founder August. 2015 - current

Founded and created a student-led coworking space for Kent State University students on the second floor of the University Library. See more at:

Fashion / Tech Hackathon - Organizer Oct. 2014 - current

Founded and created the first Fashion / Tech hackathon where fashion and tech students come together to create wearable tech projects. See more at:

HacKSU - Leader 2014 - Current

Promote creativity and innovation through programming and technology to students from all areas of study. Manage and instruct weekly mobile/web technology meetings and organize Kent Hack Enough, Ohio’s largest annual hackathon. See more at: or read more here.

Kent Hack Enough - Organizer 2013 - Current

Organize the largest hackathon in Ohio. Responsible for logistics, branding, marketing, finances, sponsorship and all other aspects. See more at: or read more here.

University Innovation Fellows - Fellow Class of 2014

Promote innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurship at Kent State University.

Major League Hacking - Coach Fall 2014

Assist MLH develop hacking clubs at other schools while learning to improve HacKSU (see above).