karrrt shop smarter

karrrt is a smart shopping cart. Imagine shopping at Walmart and having the self-checkout lane right in your cart. You can items in as you are shopping, and when you're ready to leave you can just leave the store, your phone will pay automagically for you.

Created at: PennApps XII (Fall 2015)

This project uses: iOS, raspberry pi, arduino

My contributition: iOS app

Arkive Bring back the past

A tinder-style app to embarrass friends by liking their old, awkward facebook pictures to bring them to the top of everyone’s Facebook feeds.

Created at: HackCWRU Spring 2015

This project uses: iOS, Android, Facebook API

My contributition: Android app

hackpot the hackathon jackpot

Hackpot is a crowdfunding platform for hackathon sponsorship. As hackathon organizers, my partner and I wanted an easier way to transfer sponsorship dollars from companies to the organizers.

Created at: MHacks IV (Fall 2014)

Winner of: Best User Experience presented by IBM Design

This project uses: Bluemix, nodeJS, mongoDB, Paypal API

My contributition: user experience, front-end development


eos add hours to your life

EOS is a time management application using the Pomodoro theory.

Created at: PennApps Spring 2014

Winner of: Best Use of Intel XDK

This project uses: Intel XDK

My contributition: user experience, front-end development

somato upgrade your business card

Somato eliminates the need for paper business cards, by allowing users to easily create highly customizable digital business cards. To share cards, you simply swipe the card off your phone and select the nearby person you'd like to receive it. This was my first real hackathon project.

Created at: MHacks III (Spring 2014)

This project uses: Android, Google Cloud Messaging

My contributition: user experience, front-end development